★ Elizabeth Nelson, Council Member Ward 4 (2018-present)

★ Marcia Higgins, Council Member Ward 4 (1999 - 2013)

★ Anne Bannister, Council Member Ward 1 (2017-present)

★ Jeff Hayner, Council Member Ward 1 (2018-present)

★ Sumi Kailasapathy, Council Member Ward 1 (2012 - 2018)

★ Jane Lumm, Council Member Ward 2 (1993-97, 2011-present)

★ Kathy Griswold, Council Member Ward 2 (2018-present) and former School Board member

★ Steve Kunselman, Council Member Ward 3 (2006-08, 2010-16)

★ Mike Anglin, Council Member Ward 5 (2008 - 2015)

★ Rita Mitchell, Ann Arbor Environmental Commission member  

★ Kathleen Knoll, Scio Township Trustee and active CARD member

Endorsed by the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation AFL-CIO

Jack is proud to once again receive the endorsement of the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation AFL-CIO.

Jack has received this endorsement in all three of his City Council re-election campaigns (2015, 2017, 2020)

Dan Bicknell, environmental remediation professional and former USEPA Superfund Enforcement Officer, credited with discovering the Gelman dioxane plume while a UM public health graduate student in 1984.

“When it became clear that the state agency was going to continue to allow the Gelman dioxane groundwater pollution to move through our city, Jack stepped forward and provided strong leadership with an honest commitment to protect our public health.  On all matters, Jack’s actions have made the city more environmentally responsible.  I ask all Ann Arborites to support Jack in his critical role on City Council.” 

Glenn Ziegler, housing rehabilitation specialist

For 25 years Glenn helped  low-income residents in Ann Arbor, and the East Lansing area, maintain their homes.  In Ann Arbor he worked with hundreds of single family residents who, after taxes and food, had nothing left for home repairs--mostly senior citizens on low fixed incomes and single mothers with low paying jobs. He also provided technical assistance for major renovation projects for Avalon Housing and the Ann Arbor Housing Commission and for landlords who provided rental housing to Section 8 funding recipients. In the E. Lansing area he directed the  Meridian Twp housing rehabilitation program and other community infrastructure improvements.

"I worked to help many existing residents, who were struggling financially, stay in their homes. Jack works to control taxes, fees and expenditures to try to keep housing affordable for these residents.  Jack is for real expansion of affordable housing rather than letting developers advance high density plans which provide no real long term affordable housing.

Elizabeth Nelson, Ward 4 City Council member

"In these difficult times, it is more important than ever that we keep Jack’s knowledge and experience on City Council. Jack and I don’t always agree on every issue, but we do strongly agree that every issue before us needs to be studied closely and with full respect for resident input."

Sumi Kailasapathy, former Ward 1 City Council member (2012 - 2018)

"Jack is a great example of what an elected official should be.  He strives to represent the interests of his ward residents.  He is always respectful of difference and works well with anyone without compromising his core values.  Jack's integrity is impeccable.  His commitment to social justice and good governance is never in question.  Jack has proven that a neighborhood activist can become a politician and continue to challenge the status quo on critical issues."

Anne Bannister, Ward 1 City Council member

"Council Member Jack Eaton's vast experience and legal acumen is indispensable on Council.  He's been a mentor to everyone and often informs us of issues that otherwise may have been missed.  While diligently defending neighborhoods throughout the city, Jack‘s constantly respectful tone illustrates his exemplary leadership abilities." 

Jane Lumm, Ward 2 City Council member

“We need to keep Jack Eaton’s common sense and strong leadership on City Council. Jack listens to his constituents and ensures that their interests are heard at the Council table." 

Mike Anglin, former Ward 5 City Council member (2008 - 2015)

"Jack has been involved in local politics for many years. He has been a community leader in his neighborhood working with the City of Ann Arbor on projects that impact the quality of life for residents of Ann Arbor. He played a cornerstone part in saving Dickens Woods, located at South Maple and Pauline. It is now a park for the neighborhood as well as an area that aids in flood control. 


In addition, Jack has used his ample skills as an attorney and negotiator to work with neighbors this past year in clarifying the issues surrounding the potential development of land owned by Grace Bible Church, located on South Maple. Working with me and hundreds of residents in the community, a strong sense of what the neighborhood needs and wants was identified. 

Jack supports development that leads to protection of the environment for the future. He supports protecting our fragile watershed and correcting the the many flooding problems in the 4th Ward. Jack looks to the future and will help guide and contribute to a better more resident-friendly Ann Arbor, and I am proud to support him for his election to the City Council."

Kay Holsinger, member of the State Bar of Michigan and the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan

"Jack has been a tireless advocate for neighborhoods. We are very fortunate to have had him as our Ward 4 council member and I am grateful that he's running again. He brings common sense to city government and a passion to serve the residents of the city he loves.

Douglas Wood

"We have been very pleased with the way Jack has represented the interests and priorities of his Ward 4 constituents.  Jack understands the workings of City Council, and has the experience and skills to continue to effectively represent our neighborhood and the city at large." 

Cheryl Pelava

"I have found Jack to be approachable, fair, and responsive to citizens needs . He is a strong advocate for smart sizing our city. His positions are understandable and reasonable, consistently. He brings an authentic presence to council which is what our civic culture so needs right now.

Ed Steinman, environmental activist 33 years and Lighthawk volunteer pilot

"Thorough, mature, clear, honest, genial, of high integrity and having a passion to do what's best for Ann Arbor residents: this describes Jack. Jack works for effective environmental change and is careful in using limited dollars for the most benefit for the community when addressing an environmental project, or any project, rather than following the merely fashionable path that results in little, no or even negative gain." 

Scott Newell, owner, Big City Small World Bakery

As a homeowner and business owner in Ann Arbor I strongly endorse Jack Eaton for council because of his honesty and integrity and values that represent all of Ann Arbor, not just wealthy special interests. Jack has stuck his neck out for the community on many occasions even when it's not politically advantageous for him and I appreciate that Jack Eaton is willing to do what is right, ethical and just to represent Ann Arbor.

Vince Caruso, founding and board member of CARD

"As a Founding and Board Member of CARD (Coalition for the Remediation of Dioxane) I strongly support Jack Eaton's re-election to city council. Jack has worked hard to get the Gelman Plume problems to the community and council. With the 40+ year old plume now migrating near the surface on the city's westside and wells in the townships, we have no time to waste on a cleanup for our residents and the environment."

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