The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) defines an "affordable dwelling" as one that a household can obtain for 30 percent or less of its income. Often the term is used to refer to housing for the poorest in a community and for those who are eligible for subsidized housing. Making sure that the least fortunate among us have housing is essential. At the same time, housing for mid-income working families, such as teachers, nurses, fire fighters and bus drivers must be addressed. In addressing affordability, the City must be mindful of the impact its taxes and fees have on homeowners and renters. When Jack speaks of affordability, he tries to keep in mind affordability for low income residents, working families and retirees on fixed incomes. 

In addressing affordability issues in Ann Arbor, the city must focus on only constructing buildings that are needed and should not support unnecessary housing proposals.

“When we removed all the barriers to development in our downtown area without making any requirements of the developers, what we ended up with was high priced luxury apartments. We have since revisited the zoning in those areas and required that tall buildings and dense buildings include some affordable units ....” 

City Council candidates for Wards 4 and 5 participate in virtual forumMichigan Daily, 4/20/20

Jack's position on affordability for ALL residents

UM Ford School of Public Policy Forum, 4/23/18.This segment above starts at 0:27:25 in the full video.)

Jack co-sponsored the Resolution to Approve Ann Arbor Housing Commission Eviction Prevention and Emergency Response Request for Assistance and Appropriate $200,000.00

(This segment above starts at 3:47:44 in the full video.)

Jack commenting about the cost to implement affordable housing

(This segment above starts at 5:59:23 in the full video.)

Jack commenting about not getting the most out of an affordable housing project as well as its size.

(This segment above starts at 5:50:50 in the full video.)

In the full video discussion of The Garnet, PUD Zoning, starts at 3:01:26 with Jack introducing an amendment. Jack reads his amendment, which supports $88,000 to be designated to affordable housing, from the developer. Jack returns at 3:13:05 discussing support for the amendment supporting affordable housing funding. Amendment passed at ~3:11. At 3:23:57 Jack summarizes the impact of zoning and the result of donation to affordable housing. He also makes a case about precedent for future zoning.  

Jack sponsors a Resolution in Support of the Medicare for All Act of 2019

(Starts at 4:43:06 in the full video)

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