Jack has 6½ years of experience as an effective advocate for Ward 4 interests including livable neighborhoods, improved streets and stormwater systems, and environmental protection. Jack has the insight, common sense, and leadership skills to help guide Ann Arbor through budget shortages while meeting human services funding needs caused by the recession. Moving forward, Jack knows how to balance our goals to make the best use of our resources.

Jack is proud to once again receive the endorsement of the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation AFL-CIO.

Jack has received this endorsement in all three of his City Council re-election campaigns (2015, 2017, 2020)

Jack has seven budget cycles of experience. His challengers have no experience with the City’s annual budget process. Jack supports priorities that meet basic needs and protect the interests of Ward 4. The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will require the City to reduce its general fund budget by at least ten per cent. This will involve balancing many interests and prioritizing our spending. Jack is very aware that residents cannot afford new millages or other tax increases. His experience and knowledge of residents’ priorities are important during these challenging times.

Jack advocates for working families and retirees on fixed incomes. He votes for ongoing funding for social and mental health services. Jack has worked to identify publicly owned properties that can be used to develop affordable housing. He is a strong advocate of requiring developers to contribute affordable housing units or make contributions to the affordable housing fund when developing new projects.

Jack promotes development and City policies that generate public benefit. He negotiated affordable housing contributions from a developer and works closely with neighbors and developers to achieve positive outcomes. Many of the problems the City has had in the recent past are due to our economic success. Housing shortages, congested streets and flooding are the consequence of rapid growth. Jack believes the recession provides the City with an opportunity to seek economic equilibrium, where growth does not outpace our ability to improve our infrastructure.

Jack was instrumental in establishing independent civilian oversight of our police department and sponsored the first steps in 2015. He continues to fight for stronger independent oversight of our police department. Jack has been a consistent advocate of openness and transparency. He has worked to make public records more easily available, including attempts to change the City’s FOIA policy. Jack also worked with others on the Council Rules Committee to create the first ethics policy for Council members.

Jack accelerated our efforts toward carbon neutrality, bringing the amendment to set a goal for 2030. He supports policies and solutions for neighborhood flooding issues. Jack has consistently advocated for improved Federal intervention and clean-up of the Gelman Plume. He has also worked to address the City’s infrastructure problems that have resulted in dumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of raw sewage into the Huron River. Jack has worked with labor leaders and environmental activists to restore the City’s recycling program.

Jack is committed to representing residents and understanding the big issues that affect Ward 4. In addition to regular coffee hours, Jack attends all public meetings around Ward 4 projects so he can hear your perspectives. He has worked hard to maintain connections during this pandemic with social-distanced visits to constituents and Zoom meetings to hear concerns. 

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Elizabeth Nelson and I have been biking around Ward 4 talking to residents (at an appropriate safe distance).


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