Like many people, I first came to Ann Arbor to attend the University of Michigan, but I did not follow a traditional route to higher education or my eventual career as a lawyer.

In 1974, I was working as a bus driver in Kalamazoo. By 1977, I was president of the Amalgamated Transit Union (Local 1093), representing the interests of bus drivers in labor negotiations. My work leading the union inspired me to finish my undergraduate education at the University of Michigan and attend law school at Wayne State University. I graduated law school in 1991 and worked as an attorney for 26 years, representing labor unions

I met my wife, Bitsy Lamb, when she and I were both driving buses for the University of Michigan (she eventually became Manager of Transportation). We have lived in Ann Arbor for all of the 32 years we’ve been married. We love everything about the city: the neighborhoods, the trees and parks, and entertainment opportunities.

Since 1998, Bitsy and I have lived in the Dicken neighborhood on the west side of Ward 4. Our two children, Dan and Rachel, attended Ann Arbor Public Schools (starting with Dicken Elementary). I recognize the value of Ann Arbor’s residential neighborhoods for families and I want to protect them for the benefit of future generations. 

I became active in local politics when my neighborhood asked the City to protect Dicken Woods as a City Nature Area back in 2002. I served as the president of the Friends of Dicken Woods, founded the South Maple Group and co-founded the Neighborhood Alliance. My community involvement led me to run for City Council.

I was first elected in November 2013 to represent Ward 4 on City Council and I have served since then (after re-election in 2015 and 2017). I aim to listen to the concerns of Fourth Ward residents and to approach each issue with common sense. The most frequent compliment I receive from residents is, “I don’t always agree with your position, but I appreciate how you’ve thought it through.”

I understand the issues that impact Ward 4 and I’ve been a strong advocate for Ward 4 interests on City Council. I believe in our City and its neighborhoods. I believe that residents should have a voice in planning the future of our city as it grows.

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