Jack has consistently worked to improve transparency and accountability while serving on Council. He has repeatedly sought changes to the City’s FOIA policy to make public records more easily available to residents and the media. As a member of the Council Rules committee he helped draft the Council ethics rules.


In December 2014, Jack sponsored a resolution directing the City Administrator to Revise FOIA Administrative Policy


Again, in August 2019, Jack authored and sponsored a resolution directing staff to review the City's Policies on Assessing Fees for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), alternatives and recommendations to Council that promote transparency and the public interest (Aug 5, 2019 item DC-2).


While some staff were reluctant to change policies to make records more available, I remain committed to making those changes in the future. 


In December 2014, Jack cosponsored new ethics rules for Council members. This was the first time the Council had adopted rules related to potential conflicts of interest.


In December of 2015, Jack Co-sponsored a resolution regarding processing complaints about violation of the ethics rules and potential discipline for such violations.

Independent Community Police Oversight Commission (ICPOC)

In February 2018, I co-sponsored a resolution setting up a citizen task force to make recommendations on forming a community policing commission: New task force to help Ann Arbor settle police oversight debate, MLive, 1/29/18


The Task Force met over a number of months and produced a recommended ordinance creating an independent, civilian oversight commission. When staff indicated that the Task Force’s recommendation ordinance would not be acted on, Council members Bannister, Kailasapathy and I placed their ordinance on the Council agenda. The Mayor offered a competing version of the ordinance that reduced the authority of the oversight commission.

Ann Arbor council to consider police oversight proposals tonight, MLive, 10/1/18

Jack's Statement: Justice and Policing

Watch Dr Lisa Jackson's, Chair of the Independent Community Police Oversight Commission, eloquent and powerful speech during the June 15th city council (starts at 0:40:00)

“You cannot have police officers reviewing their own conduct. A review process has to be fully empowered — you can't hobble the process by not giving full access, information, witnesses and videotape, whatever it be, to this group.”

Michigan Daily, 4-12-18

Jack speaking about a police review board - UM Ford School of Public Policy Forum, 4/23/18. 
(This segment starts at 0:45:43 in the full video.)

Jack at 6/16/20 Independent Community Police Oversight Commission meeting
Jack is 2nd from left on low chair

$2,000,000 of a recently passed millage isn't going to fund mental health services

"I opposed the re-purposing of the mental health and public safety money because we should be taking care of the problems that we have in this community with those funds."

Jack speaking about mental health millage - UM Ford School of Public Policy Forum, 4/23/18
(This segment starts at 1:20:30 in the full video.) 

Jack speaking about the proposed train station on Fuller Park at city council, 6/6/16. 
(The two segments in the video above start at approx. 2:27:00 and 2:55:00 in the full video)

Jack speaking about the redaction of information requested by Mlive about the proposed new train station.

Jack speaking about the city's obstruction of a fair discussion about the Library Lot development.

Jack discusses a Resolution to put the sale of the Library Lot on the ballot for a public vote, 8/4/16. “I don’t believe we should treat our residents as if they are litigation opponents. We should treat them as if they are our boss, as if they are our constituents. ... Let the Voters decide.” 
(the segment in the video above starts at approx. 4:53:10 in the full video)

A group called "Bright Students Need Bright Lights" asked the City to do a better job of lighting our streets. They are a group of six passionate students with a vision to improve the safety of Ann Arbor using higher quality, more efficient light fixtures around campus and surrounding areas. I am encouraged by our young citizens’ activism. It is sad that they need to organize just to get basic features such as adequate street lighting. I am proud to have worked on increasing funding for street lights and will continue to focus on this essential element of public safety.

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